Necessity for Grooming


My friend Sana’s washroom is all stocked. There are shampoos for fine hair, for shiny hair, for dry hair, for controlling frizz and of course each of these is paired with a matching conditioner. And do not even get me started on the body washes and lotions and creams available with her. This is not the case of just my friend. Everyone in today’s world likes to take care of their skin, hair and body. In India, metropolitan cities like Delhi (capital of India), Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, are hubs for what we today call as metrosexual individuals. They just not only try to be good looking rather they make sure they maintain and groom themselves and keep themselves up to date with the latest trend in fashion and beauty.

Though the city population is becoming more aware, the stress in the common man’s life that comes from work, family and environment ruin and ravage ones sensitive skin. Hence, individuals have to spend more on maintaining their skin which in turn is driving the boom of the beauty industry. Indian beauty market is estimated to be of worth more than US$1.5 billion and is rising at 20% a year-twice as fast as US and Europe. In fact it is projected that the Indian market will grow 4 folds to 60 million women by 2014. Our Indian cosmetic industry is also going through a very active phase in terms of heavy marketing and product development. Consumers are increasingly becoming selective while choosing their cosmetics or beauty services.

If one thought that the topic is only to do with the fairer sex, people are in for a surprise. The bug has caught up with men as well. It was in 2004 when the Indian beauty industry started seeing products and services specifically targeting men. Since, then there has been no looking back. As per many sources, men’s category is slated to be at par with the women’s category by the end of 2015.

Within the booming beauty industry there is a huge influx of players selling beauty products and services on the digital media (e-commerce). From utility products and services to specialized treatments and high end products, everything is being sold on the internet. This is also helping an over INR 8000 crore unorganized beauty market to get organized. is one such player which is helping small and medium businesses promote their services through discount coupons to fill up their idle inventory. Many newly established personal care product selling websites are offering special discounts to the users to induce trials.

This allows the Indian customer to not wait for an occasion to look good. They allow themselves time to unwind and enjoy their own pamper session and sweep away the dulling impurities. Follow my articles to explore various spa retreats, and salon for facial, hair-rebonding, tattooing, haircut and coloring, complete beauty and pre-bridal packages and much more.